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Hatfield House Hatfield House

There are few more historic and idyllic places in Hertfordshire than Hatfield House with its awe-inspiring Jacobean architecture. This beautiful, atmospheric country house, set in the large Great Park on the eastern side of Hatfield, was built in 1611 by Robert Cecil. He became first Earl of Salisbury and Chief Minister to King James and it has been the home of the Cecil family ever since.

The stables are all that remains of the Old Palace, and it was here in 1558 that Elizabeth I, effectively under house arrest, learned of her accession to the throne of England. The Coach House Restaurant has a varied menu, and there’s a whole retail village in the Stable Yard area.

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St Albans Abbey

The Cathedral & Abbey Church of St Albans

The oldest continuous site of Christian worship and the shrine of Britain’s first Christian saint, St Alban, this stunning cathedral dominates the city. After the dissolution of the monastories in the 16th century it became a parish church and in 1877 a cathedral.

The restoration of the 19th century - the tower would have collapsed otherwise - was controversial but at least meant we can still stand in awe at of it today. Uno Bus can take you close to your pew with its many buses into St Albans City Centre.

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Paradise Wildlife ParkParadise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne

This is the home of over 400 animals, including small mammals, paddock and farmyard animals, birds, primates, reptiles and big cats. There’s so much interactive fun and games to be had by all, including the special treat of feeding the normally shy, big red pandas. What’s more Uno Bus can get you close up and personal with the animals by taking you to Broxbourne.

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connect with the shuttle bus from Broxbourne rail station to the wildlife park